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Application and Admissions Process

The first step in applying for entry into Cedar Creek is to come to a parent information meeting.

At the meeting, you will receive an application form. We strongly urge applications to be submitted before the end of November for the best chance of acceptance. Feel free to write as much information on the application form as needed to let us know what starting date(s) and schedule(s) will work for your family. For children who will be four years old or older when they start, permission to contact the current care provider may be requested.

Parents are also encouraged to make an appointment to visit the classroom. There is nothing like seeing the Montessori class in action.

Click here to fill out our online inquiry form, and we will get in contact with you regarding upcoming informational meetings and appointments.

Starting dates for children are generally in the summer or September. Occasionally there is an opening before the summer, for example, if a family unexpectedly moves away.

If you apply, a separate visit with your child will be scheduled later, usually during January or February. We expect to make most of our acceptances at the end of February and throughout March.

Acceptances are based primarily on balancing each class for age and gender. Each class is a mixed age class; the Montessori approach works best when there is a fairly even spread of ages in the classroom. We also try to achieve a combination of the various part-time schedules that matches both the needs of the families and the school. Siblings of current and former students have priority, and other considerations may be taken into account to encourage diversity and the smooth running of the school.

If and when accepted, you will have one week to submit a deposit, equal to one full month's tuition, to guarantee your child's place at Cedar Creek. The deposit is non-refundable if you later decide not to enroll your child; otherwise, we will hold the deposit and return it after your child's last day at Cedar Creek.

There are usually a few openings that arise after March, sometimes even as late as the summer, and so we keep children on our applicant list until the fall. You are welcome to call anytime to find out where your child is in our acceptance process; we will be glad to give you as much information as we have at the time of your call. Unfortunately, we will not know how many spaces we will have until February, but it is often worth a call to see if we have any advance information.