Cedar Creek Montessori School - Helping Children Explore Their World

Children's Daily Program

7:30–8:30AMInside Quiet Play
8:30–9:00Story and Song Circle
9:00–9:30Outside Play
9:30–9:45Montessori Class Begins: Opening Circle
9:45–11:00Montessori Work Period
Snack is available throughout the work period
11:00–11:15Montessori Closing Circle
11:15–11:40Outside Play
11:40–12:30PMHand-washing and Lunch (outside in good weather)
12:30–1:00Nappers prepare for and begin nap;
Resters (childern who do not nap) play outside
1:00–2:00Nappers sleep;
Resters rest
2:00–3:00Nappers sleep, then begin waking around 2:30-2:45;
Resters go to Nature Studies
3:00–4:45Children choose between Art or Outside Play
Outside, children may join teacher led games and activities, or freeplay.
Dramatic play props are available
Snack is available 3:00-4:30
4:45–5:00Group Games and Circle
5:00–5:30Tea Time
5:30–6:00Stories/Games/Group Activities/Outdoor Play, as appropriate for the weather and children's moods