Cedar Creek Montessori School - Helping Children Explore Their World

The Montessori classrooms offer a full range of activities, including Daily Life, Sensorial, Art, Culture, Language, and Math. Children learn by manipulating and experimenting with materials from a carefully prepared environment. Each child chooses her or his own activity, developing self-direction, concentration, and a love of learning. Teachers guide the children by demonstrating materials, helping children one-on-one, leading small group lessons and circle-times, and being a role model.

Nap-time, 12:30-2:30 p.m., provides a quiet, peaceful place for the younger children to sleep. Those who have outgrown nap have a short rest then join the Nature Studies class.

Nature Studies is a one-hour Montessori class for the older children with an emphasis on science and nature. Children help care for our many animals, vegetable garden, and flowers.

Arts and Crafts are available throughout the day. An art teacher prepares a special art experience or project every afternoon.

Music Class, a weekly half-hour class, focuses on voice, rhythm and movement.

Dance and Movement Class, provided by a resource specialist, comes to Cedar Creek once a week.

The large, well-equipped playground offers multiple opportunities for large motor development and just plain fun.